Monday, 15 December 2014

Hello Everybody

I am Rachel S. - a new author. I just have one novella published. A romantic story about a Vegas Marriage. I tried to make it funny, but it was my first attempt, so hopefully it worked. There weren't many reviews, so I am kinda depressed about that. Anyway, one of my friends suggested that starting a blog might help in getting my story out.

So here goes.

Currently, I am working on a new novel. It's a fantasy romance with some magic and adventure mixed in. The story starts with Erika, a thief who has been caught while stealing. But instead of being sent to the prison as she expected, she is instead given a chance at becoming a noble and living a life of luxury.

However, all good things in life come at a cost. The price she's paying is the guilt of deceiving a family that is happy instead of grieving a lost daughter. Along with a chance of a swift death in case she fails to steal a legendary and powerful sword from a very secure place. Her only choice being success, if she fails, either she dies or gets caught and dies after being tortured and destroying the name of her 'new family'.

How Erika deals with her choices and an how an interloper frustrates her forms the crux of the story.